Lans Medicum Hamburg

The team led by former HSV team doctor Dr. Philip Catalá-Lehnen consists of specialists in cardiology, nutritional medicine, internal medicine and rheumatology. It is supplemented by osteopaths, physiotherapists and sports scientists, who together deal with all medical issues relating to exercise and regeneration. This includes sports injuries as well as sports medicine check-ups, strength and endurance tests as well as individual exercise therapies and rehabilitation measures. With sports cardiology, the LANS Medicum has been expanded to include cardiological rehabilitation, which is unique in Hamburg. The primary goals are to maintain and restore cardiac and general performance as well as to guide patients towards a healthier lifestyle.

Thanks to their experience in professional sports, the team knows about the necessity of tailor-made medicine and passes this experience on to the patients. In addition to professional teams in football, handball, basketball and hockey, triathletes and other individual athletes use this know-how.

Other special features of the centre include its own biomechanics laboratory and an altitude training room where athletes can simulate the effect of training in high mountains.